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"With 30 years of modelling experience, Alexander Blokhin is recognized as one of the leading experts in this fascinating art. His models can be admired at many maritime museums. Lucky collectors won pieces of art who were built on commission. A painter and master carver who brings his unique gifts to his work, Blokhin produces works of art that excite. From a diorama of an Indian ocean Dhow to the "Titanic", from a Greek Trireme to Drake`s "Golden Hind". His vast and scholar knowledge of maritime history assures authenticity of the model down to the last tiniest detail. Whether he builds a shiny quot "just launched" or a weathered version of the boat or ship, it is love at first sight and a treasure to cherish and enjoy for many long years." --- Meir Ben-Zeev MHVC & MHC

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Mig-15 Fagot

Is there any aircraft modeler who doesn’t know about the Mig-15? Basing their design on captured German material, the Russian MiG Bureau’s famous Mig-15 first flew on the power of a British Neme jet engine, a number of which were exported to the USSR in 1947. Production aircraft first met USAF F-86 Sabres in the skies over Korea as the first true jet fighter combatants. Enormous numbers of Mig-15s (and the improved Mig-15bis) were built, the type serving in dozens of different airforces.

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