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"With 30 years of modelling experience, Alexander Blokhin is recognized as one of the leading experts in this fascinating art. His models can be admired at many maritime museums. Lucky collectors won pieces of art who were built on commission. A painter and master carver who brings his unique gifts to his work, Blokhin produces works of art that excite. From a diorama of an Indian ocean Dhow to the "Titanic", from a Greek Trireme to Drake`s "Golden Hind". His vast and scholar knowledge of maritime history assures authenticity of the model down to the last tiniest detail. Whether he builds a shiny quot "just launched" or a weathered version of the boat or ship, it is love at first sight and a treasure to cherish and enjoy for many long years." --- Meir Ben-Zeev MHVC & MHC

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rolls Royce “Torpedo Phantom II Convertible” 1934

1:24 scale plastic kit from ITALERI

A one-of-a kind car, this particular auto was built in 1934 specifically for the Rajkot Maharajah, to replace his 1908 Silver Ghost The flamboyant torpedo way was constructed by Thrupp & Mabertey, an outstanding English coach builder and has highly polished aluminum wings and bonnet when as the rest of the body is colored saffron, a color that has religious significance in India. The Maharajah's logo displayed on the doors and windows contains his motto: "Dharm praja reja" (an imperial ruler of all men of all faiths). Also, the two Rolls Royce crossed R badges have the black color scheme in honor of Sir Henry Royce' who died at the time the car was constructed. This famous Phantom II has taken part in many rallies throughout Europe and has been constantly jud-ged the most outstanding vehicle.

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